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As a photographer, my passion is seeing moments and then using that Magic Machine of glass and metal to freeze those moments so they can be shared, revisited and appreciated over and again. As I sat on the porch this morning to have my coffee, I noticed a spider web floating, bejeweled from the soft rain and lingering fog. You will probably know what I mean when I say it was a perfect specimen: the construction was flawless, all the precision of a chambered nautilus, and the water droplets hanging on it as if each were placed there by a master jeweler. You are right to assume that after a moment of pure appreciation for this, one of nature’s most sublime creations, I went straight for my camera. But alas dear friends, try as I did, I could find no way to freeze this moment in a manner that showed its true beauty. If I approached it from the proper light perspective there was too much interference in the back ground. Moving to a place where the background was cleaner meant the light was not falling on it and it simply disappeared. It’s a frustration that I have dealt with before and each time I am given a very simple answer: It is enough of a gift that my Presence was able to appreciate it for all its beauty. Some things aren’t meant to be captured- whether with my Magic Machine or otherwise. They are simply gifts for the moment to be treasured, adored and marveled at. We can carry them in our hearts alone. And so it is that I do not have an image of this lovely spider web. The time and place were not right to share this moment with you through a photograph. Perhaps just the knowing of its elusiveness makes it all the more precious.

-Paul Corbit Brown