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A true Patriot, fueling our nation’s energy independence?

Paroxysms of pain,
Day and night he coughs
His body shaking, desperate,
To undo just one of those Thousand Black Breaths.

The fruit of his labors shipped to Asia,
Is this the way to power a kinder, gentler nation?
His water befouled, air unclear, land undone,
Will he get a Purple Heart for his Black Lung?

Look at mining and MTR; toxic water, birth defects, poor health, poverty,
you did this because you love your country?
hard as it might be to believe,
I’m glad you don’t love me.

Doctors bills, prescription pills, valley fills,
There’s more than coal in these here hills.
Coughin’, chokin’,
Poisoned, broken,
It’s the cost of having a job.

From every mountain lopped, let freedom ring!

You say you believe in the sanctity of life,
then you send our children to war,
you claim abortion ain’t right,
but you subjugate the poor.

You built the Cancer Belt,
The poisoned wells,
A people conquered and divided.
You dance all you can,
We pay the band,
Your government corporate-sided.

How about a country where “sanctity of life”  acknowledges there is life other than human on this planet? And where corporations are not living beings?

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