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Letter to Earl Ray Tomblin, governor of West Virginia

Mr. Tomblin,

I am writing to implore you to save Blair Mountain. Our state deserves to have its history preserved and honored. MTR is killing our state. The outcome of Blair mountain will be YOUR legacy. You can choose to follow the example set by Homer Holt who deprived the people of WV the honor of knowing how important a role we played in labor rights. He was also instrumental in covering up the atrocity of Hawks Nest tunnel disaster. While these things might have kept him in good graces with his corporate allies, his legacy is forever marred and has become synonymous with corruption and a government that cares nothing for the citizens he was to represent and protect.

I am asking you to break from the tradition of WV governors who cared more for the corporations in this state than the people who truly make it great. You have the opportunity to leave a far greater and more positive legacy. WV has the ability to lead this nation in the Green Revolution the same way we fueled the Industrial Revolution- by intelligence, hard work, and determination.

We can usher in this new era by saving Blair Mountain and ending Mountain Top Removal.

The choice is yours. No matter what happens, Coal won’t last as long as your legacy.


Paul Corbit Brown

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