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Democracy or Hypocrisy

If we are guilty of any conspiracy, it is the conspiracy to commit democracy, the conspiracy to avail ourselves of the rights of the same constitution our politicians idly and disingenuously vowed to uphold and protect. We have become more than simply a police state we have become a nation held in thrall by the will of the corporation, a nation that would surely disappoint the men and women who shed their blood and their lives to secure the highest ideals of freedom for those who came after them- men and women who lost their own freedom in order to ensure it for the next generation.

Have those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us sacrificed in vain? Are we truly so willing to accept our momentary complacency in exchange for the loss of all that we as a nation claim to hold as sacred? Do we no longer hold these truths to be self-evident?

This nation was founded by individuals determined to have control of their own dreams and destinies. We have grown into a nation of people who will accept the loss of any freedom in exchange for the comfort of a government or corporate handout. Our government no longer stands as a protector of her nation, but rather as a minion for the almighty corporate will. An individual accused of felony in this country will face the fullest punishment of law, but a corporation accused of murder can settle out of court. Is this what democracy looks like? When we as citizens come together in nonviolent civil disobedience it is in disobedience to Injustice. We come together under the belief that we hold the right to free speech, the right to peaceful assembly and free association, and the right to redress our grievances before the government. Our reward for believing in the constitution and exercising our rights are the charges of conspiracy, treason and terrorist acts. When an individual is afraid of the government charged to protect them, who has become the terrorist?

In this country we build lavish monuments to our founding fathers while we use the law to subvert and destroy all that they strove to create for us. When the function of the government is determined by the will of the corporations, the best interest of the citizenry is often left by the wayside. Four young people dared to stand in the face of their oppressors and dared to stand in the face of an unresponsive government. They are now rewarded with charges in court. When the citizens of this country rightfully fear for their safety and wellbeing, they are more than simply ignored, they are slandered by the system. They become the ones who are punished, rather than their aggressors.

By the time of the original march on Blair Mountain, the constitution of the USA was approaching 150 years of age. More than 10,000 men and women took up arms and marched. They did not march because they simply had nothing better to do, nor because they were just looking for trouble, they did not march as outlaws, they marched as those overlooked, ignored and abandoned by the law. They marched to stand for the freedoms promised by the constitution, they marched to demand their rights be respected not only by the corporations, but by the government sworn to uphold the ideals promised in this document and they marched to demand they be treated with dignity, respect and decency by their employers. The government ignored their pleas for justice and instead turned the military against our own people. The military became an instrument to stifle the rights of the very people it was created to defend. Now, nearly 100 years later, what have we learned? That we can once again organize and march to Blair mountain in the face of an unresponsive government only to be further ignored at best or labeled as criminal at worst.

We have become gullible to accept the argument the we must choose jobs before clean air and water. We have become ignorant and shortsighted to allow the will of a corporation to dictate the loss of our freedoms, our health and our futures. A corporation’s primary purposes are to create profit and to ensure it’s own longevity. How have we as a nation reached the point that we will cede all that is sacred to us to these entities? The founding fathers of this nation longed to escape the oppression of a government that restricted them, overtaxed them, and abused them. They came to this land with a dream of a better life. And for daring to dream, they were charged with treason, branded as traitors to their previous country and ultimately found themselves involved in a bloody war with the British government. The British army risked the incredible perils of crossing the Atlantic Ocean in order to subdue those who dared to dream of the Great Experiment of Democracy. In the end, our nation won the battle for independence from Britain, but have we lost the war for self-determination? Did those who came before us shed their blood in vain. Has our constitution become so impotent that we can be charged with conspiracy and terrorism when we simply stand to exercise the freedoms promised us? Indeed, these freedoms are more than simply promised on paper, they were paid for with the blood of those who dared to put them on paper to begin with. Shall history say that the Great Experiment of Democracy ended in fear?

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